Supporting Children with a Disability

It is important to ensure that the right support is provided - this page sets out the policy for how needs of both the child and their carers are assessed.

A child with a disability is a child in need. Any service to a child in need includes providing a service to any member of the child's family if it is provided with a view to safeguarding or promoting the disabled child's welfare.If a parent / carer requests an assessment of their continuing ability to care for a child with a disability, Children and Families Community Services must carry out such an assessment and may provide appropriate support and services under Section 17 of the Children's Act 1989 (N/A) (a child in need). A Child's Plan will be undertaken to ascertain if those needs can be met through social, educational or other services.  Other assessments that will be completed include:

  1. Carers assessment within FACBS
  2. Additional carers assessment