Complaints by Foster Carers

To ensure that foster carers are able to make effective representations, including complaints, about any aspect of the fostering service or service provided by the Department.

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(a)                   They have been unable to deal with the problem themselves informally involving the  Supervising Social Worker, Child's Social Worker                            or others,

(b)                   They believe the problem is important and they have not been able to resolve it  in any other way,

              (c)                    They feel the issue is having an adverse effect on them or the child living with them,

              (d)                   They have a complaint about a general fostering issue that is affecting a number of foster carers.

              (e)                   Complaints can be made on a child's behalf but this must be done using the HSSD Complaints Procedure.








Fostering : Complaints by Foster Carers



Responsible officer

Record required

Performance standard


Complaint is made to the Supervising Social Worker or Child's Social Worker or their respective managers.

Foster Carer

 Supervising Social Worker (SSW)

Child's Social Worker (CSW) or Respective Team Manager

Contact Record

Attempt to deal with complaint immediately.



Discussion to take place with the foster carer and  Supervising Social Worker and/or Child's Social Worker to seek resolution if possible informally

Foster carer



Contact record

Within 5 working days


If it is not possible to resolve the complaint immediately, a meeting may be sought with the Team Manager/Service Manager to seek resolution.

Team Manager/ Service Manager

Contact Record

Within 5 working days


If the complaint cannot be resolved through informal means the complainant has the option of lodging a formal complaint using the HSSD complaints procedure and this procedure will be followed.

Team Manager / Service Manager/ Chief Officer

Contact Record HSSD Complaints Procedure