Looked after children going abroad

Looked after children may have the opportunity to go abroad, either through a school trip or with carers. Being looked after should not be a barrier to the child going, however it is important that the correct process is followed to make sure that there are no difficulties which may prevent the trip from happening.

Where a child is accommodated the consent of the parent is required before any trip can be agreed. If the child is on a community parenting order and the parent refuses permission, the director or deputy can give permission for the child to go on the trip provided it is considered to be in the child's best interests.

Any consent that is obtained should be in writing. Unless arranged by the school, trips abroad should not be taken during term time.

What information do I need to know?

Information required about the trip:

How do I get authorisation for the trip?

For the trip to go ahead, written authorisation is required from the Director or deputy. In order to get authorisation the social worker should provide the information listed in the above section.

If financial support is required then this should be requested at the same time.If parental consent has not been given then legal advice may need to be sought if the trip is considered to be in the child's best interests.

Authorisation, if given, will be provided in writing. Where the child is subject to an interim order the Court and all parties must be informed.

Where a trip impacts on contact arrangements Any contacts that are due to take place during the time of the trip should be rearranged to take place as soon as possible after the child returns.

The proposed trip is over 28 days in length If the child is subject to an interim or community parenting order then an application must be made to the court for permission for the child to go on the trip.


TasksResponsible OfficerRecordTimescales
Details of the proposed holiday are obtainedSocial WorkerTravel Request FormWhere possible at least a month before holiday

Travel Request Form is completed

Social WorkerTravel Request FormAs soon as possible

Travel Request Form is signed

DirectorTravel Request FormPrior to holiday

Letter is prepared for carers to take

Social Worker Signed by DirectorComputerPrior to holiday

All documentation is made available

Social Worker Fostering Social WorkerComputerPrior to holiday

Notification if required to Court

Social Worker LawyerComputerAs soon as it is known this is required