Placement planning meeting

This is a crucial meeting of all involved parties to ensure that essential information is exchanged and plans for the day to day care of the child are in place. It is essential that this meeting takes place before the child is placed.

Placement planning meetings should always take place before a child is moved to a placement.The only exception to the above is in cases of emergency or immediate placements when the meeting must take place within the first 24 hours of the placement.  The meeting will be chaired by the deputy manager or manager of the residential unit or supervising social worker if a foster placement. The supervising social worker will ensure the foster carers attendance but the child's social worker is responsible for inviting the child, the parents, and if appropriate representatives from Health and Education.Part one of the Looked After Children Essential Information Record should always be completed and a copy given to the foster carers / residential worker, before any child is left with them. A risk assessment, Placement Plans One and Two, and the Care Plan should also be completed and copies given to carers before a child is placed but in emergency placement circumstances these documents need to be completed as soon as possible.The placement planning meeting is the opportunity to clarify roles and responsibilities regarding contact, the child's education support, transport arrangements, information and recording, health care, special needs and the day to day care of the child or young person.