Review Conferences (RCPC)

A review conference is about bringing the family and professionals working with them back together to review progress to date and how the plan is working, with a view to continuing to safeguard and promote the welfare of the child(ren).

As with an initial conference, the review should analyse the latest information available to make a decision about whether any of the children in the household continue to suffer or be likely to suffer significant harm and whether a child protection plan is still required (even if concerns are only being expressed about one child).

Where concerns remain about significant harm then the plan should continue. If not then the child should no longer be subject to a child protection plan. Consideration should also be given as to whether family court proceedings should be initiated if there is no change. Where it is felt that the plan can come to an end the consideration should be given to the formulation of a child in need plan.

Changing the date of review conferences

The date for a Review Case Conference is routinely booked at the previous Conference. However, if a date needs to be changed or a conference reconvened the social worker must ensure that enough notice is given.

Early review conference can be held (e.g. if the risks are felt to have escalated or changed significantly or if the core group consider that the plan can be bought to an end early) and the plan reviewed in light of the new information.




Person responsible



Review conference to be booked

***Who should do this?***

At the previous conference (they must be notified and agree any change)


Invite list for conference to be confirmed

Social worker

At least 2 weeks before conference


Report for conference to be completed, including consultation with family, and sent to manager for countersigning.  Invites to be sent out for conference

Social worker

Minimum of 15 working days before conference


Invites to be sent out for conference

***Who should do this?***

2 weeks before conference


Report to be countersigned

Unit Manger (first line social work manager)

Minimum of 10 working days before conference


Conference chair receives the report on manager sign off

Social worker/ Business support

10 working days before conference


Final report to be shared with parents / those with parental responsibility

Social worker 

Minimum of five working days before conference


Attendance at conference

Social worker and unit manager (first line social work manager)

Day of conference