Stable placements are a result of good quality matching - this page explores the concept of matching.


  1. Where possible, children will be matched with adopters from within Guernsey's own resources.
  2. Attempts to identify a family will only be made once a community parenting order or consent has been obtained. BAAF guidance has stated that concurrency can begin if there is a minimum of a 70% chance of the court  agreeing to the making of a community parenting order.
  3. Attempts should also be made to identify a suitable match via local advertising. As a last resort off island matches can be made via national periodicals e.g. Adoption UK and Be My Parent.


TaskResponsible officerRecord requiredTimescale
Request made for PAR reports of all approved prospective adopters within the child's age range/criteria. To consider possible suitable matchSocial Worker/Fostering and adoption teamCase fileImmediately
Consider placing adverts in the local press for suitable adopters if PAR reports are not a suitable match.Fostering and adoption social worker and child's social workerCase fileImmediately
If there are no suitable matches within Guernsey and this is unlikely then contact independent adoption agencies, Be My Parent, etc.Child's social workerCase fileImmediately
Where both the child's and the Fostering and Adoption social worker agree that any prospective adopters could be a potential match, arrangements should be made to meet with the prospective adopters to discuss full information, omitting full name/s.Fostering and adoption social worker and child's social workerCase fileAs soon as possible
Child's social worker discusses potential families with Team Manager with regard the above meetings. Decision to be made as to which prospective adopter/s are the most suitable match.Fostering and adoption social worker and child's social workerCase file; child's adoption case recordAs appropriate
Matching Meeting convened and minuted; to discuss the Needs of the Child and the proposed adoptive family's capacity to meet these needs. In the event that the prospective adopter(s) are considered a suitable match, the next stage would be to provide full background information about the child, to include meeting health visitor, foster carer's and any other relevant persons. Matching Meeting Minutes to  be presented to Adoption panel with CPR and APR.Adoption and Fostering Team Manager to convene and Chair; attended by child's social worker, fostering and adoption social workerMinutes of Matching Meeting to be retained on the child's adoption fileAs appropriate
Decision to be made as to whether to proceed to panel. Child's Social worker to complete Adoption Placement Report.Fostering and adoption social worker and child's social worker Next available Adoption & Permanence Panel date
Panel papers to include, post Prospective Adopters Report, Child Permanence Report and Adoption Placement reports to be given to the Fostering and Adoption Team 14 days prior to panel.Fostering and adoption social worker and child's social worker Within 14 days of panel

The panels remit is to consider and recommend whether the child should be placed for adoption with that particular prospective adopters.

Consider and give advice about the proposal for the provision of adoption support and servicesArrangements that the Department proposes to make for allowing any person contact with the child.