Kinship (Family & Friends) Placements

When identifying the needs of young people the Committee will consider a range of options and not be unreasonably restricted to available resources.

Any work to identify how a child's needs can be met should include consideration of the wider family network.  The child should be actively involved in any such decision and if there are differences of opinion these should be actively explored.

Ideally, no child should become looked after if there are other options available within the extended support network.

Policy Status

Key Points




TaskResponsible OfficerRecordTimescale
When child is unable to be cared for within family carry out a viability assessment to identify their  needs.Social workerCIDAt time when child may need to be looked after.
When it is in child's best interest to be looked after by parent(s)/other family/friends, identify resources to meet this child's needs, through family support etcSocial worker/social work manager/service manager etcCID/Planning  Meeting Minutes (multi-agency if appropriate)At time when child may need to be looked after.

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