Relinquished Child Counselling

Knowing that a member of your family is considering relinquishing a child for adoption is often a difficult issue for family members to deal with. The Department will offer support to fmaily members in these circumstances.

The Department will provide an advice for birth relatives when a birth parent is considering relinquishing their child for adoption.

Advice is given on all options, a plan is agreed, and appropriate support is provided to help the parent or parents reach their desired outcome.

The service provides counselling in a non-judgmental way to enable the birth parent to formulate their own decision.


TaskResponsible officerRecord requiredTimescale
Refer either to pre birth or post birth procedures.Assessment and Intervention Team/Fostering and Adoption TeamCase Record. All relevant documentation, to include the Child Permanence Report, Health ReportAdoption Placement Report to be presented to Panel within three months of a best interest decision being made.

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