Preventative funds

Preventative funds can be provided by the department if it is considered that this will benefit the child and their family to alleviate hardship.

Each team manager has access to a pool of funds that can be used to alleviate hardship.  Examples of what this money can be used for are purchasing:

Giving out funds

Team managers and, in their absence, deputies, can authorise the use of funds.If a person is claiming assistance because they have had money stolen, a police crime reference number must be provided.

If cash is given for particular items then receipts for the items must be provided by the family to prove purchase. These must be recorded on a petty cash slip and signed by the recipient.

If a person is regularly requesting money People who regularly request preventative funding should be encouraged to obtain debt counselling and careful records should be kept of the cumulative amount of money that is being paid to them.


TaskResponsible OfficerRecord RequiredTimescale
In all cases determine need.Social workerComputerImmediately
In all cases, establish there is no parent, carer, suitable friend or family member able to provide provision.Social workerComputerImmediately
Determine whether kind or cash is required.Social workerComputerImmediately
Determine source of goods and costSocial workerComputerWhether new or second hand the electrical goods must comply with all current consumer protection legislation with regard to safety.
If goods are to be provided attempt to obtain them through a charitySocial workerComputerImmediately
Determination of other matters:Stolen or lost purse or money.If the person is in receipt of benefit they should be referred to the benefits agency and must have reported it  to the police and be in receipt of a crime number.Social workerComputerImmediately
Where appropriate receive receipts and record.Social workerPetty cash slipImmediately
If ongoing services will exceed the budget in any one year contact line manager for permission.Social workerComputerImmediately