Safe travel for children

Children must be as safe as possible when travelling and therefore there is a need to ensure that when making a journey with a child or arranging transport an assessment is completed.

The primary concern is the well being of the child.Prior to any trip being undertaken with or arranged for a child an assessment should be completed which includes:

Problems with transport

Where a child or young person has reported a concern or issue in connection with the transport, the child's social worker or the team dealing with the child's case, should be informed at the earliest opportunity.  The team manager of the relevant social work team will be informed.

Transportation of children by staff

The wearing of seat belts - who must wear them?


TaskPerson ResponsibleRecordTimescale
Consider what is the most appropriate form of transport for the task, e.g. bus, taxi, boat, plane.Social workerComputerASAP
Carry out risk assessment.Social workerComputerASAP
Seek agreement for the journey from appropriate manager, deputy or supervisor.Social workerComputerASAP
Consider, and where appropriate, give agreement.Team managerComputerASAP
Sign relevant form.Team managerComputerASAP
Ensure someone is there to meet the child.Social workerComputerASAP
Book the transport.Admin in consultation with finance departmentComputerASAP