Appealing against Non-approval, Approval Status or Termination

Foster carers have a right to appeal against a decision regarding non approval, approval status or de-registration.

If, at any time during the pre-approval process, the Department has any reason to believe that the approval of an applicant would not be in the best interests of the fostering and adoption team, the applicants or members of the applicants' family, then the fostering and adoption team will raise these concerns with the applicants.

If at all possible, a resolution will be sought at this stage, or the applicants counselled out of the process. In some circumstances where there are concerns a report can be presented to panel by the fostering and adoption team for their views on whether the application should proceed.



Review or assessment  is completed and presented to foster panelSupervising social worker and managerAssessment or annual review reportFollowing an incident, at next available panel; otherwise no later than 12 months after last review
Tell the foster carers or applicants the recommendation and reasons for the decisionPanel chair and supervising Social WorkerMinutes and letterTold at, or immediately following, the panel meeting.
Confirm the decision and reasons in writing. The letter must inform the carers that they have a right of appeal within 28 daysAgency Decision Maker and Fostering Adoption Team ManagerLetterLetter sent within 10 working days of ratification of decision
If wishing to appeal write to the agency decision-maker to appeal decision including their reasons and supporting evidenceApplicant

Foster Carer

LetterWithin 28 working days from receipt of decision in writing
Inform the team manager for fostering and adoption team that an appeal has been receivedAgency decision-maker Within 5 working days on receipt of letter
Fostering panel meets and considers appealPanel chairMinutesAt the next Panel meeting
Foster carers are informed in writing of the decision and reasonsAgency decision-maker and Fostering and Adoption Team Manager


Case record

Letter sent within 5 working days of making the decision