Allowances in Foster Care

To provide information to foster carers with regard to fostering payments and to promote consistent practice in relation to the payment of allowance by the Department.

Policy Status



Practice is based on and informed by best practice guidance from the United Kingdom jurisdictions including



Key Points

Fees will be increased on an annual basis in line with RPI.







Responsible officer

Record required

Performance standard


When a new placement is made, or a placement ends or there is a placement move the Supervising Social Worker will complete a movement form for each child placed. This will be copied to the Child's Social Worker for inclusion on CID, the Fostering and Alderney Carers Payments Officer and to others as identified by the Department.

Family Placement Service  Supervising Social Worker


Movement Form

Carer's file

Child's file

Immediately prior to placement or on the next available working day for emergency placements


The Fostering and Alderney Carers Payments Officer arranges payment to the foster carer

Fostering and Alderney Carers payments Officer

Movement Form

Payment made monthly in arrears


Requests for additional funding are submitted to CSW or SSW as appropriate. Approval is sought in advance. After being agreed CSW submits Additional Funding Form to the Service Manager Corporate Parenting with receipts as necessary Additional Funding requests regarding respite placements, setting up equipment and insurance premiums are responsibility of the SSW and Team Manager Family Placement approves these requests.

Child's Social Worker (CSW)

SSW (for respite placements, setting up and insurance)

Additional Funding form

Carer's file

Child's file

In addition Movement form for respite placements

Prior to respite placement where possible

As soon as additional funding  request is received


Approve additional funding request and code request. Submit to Finance Department and copy in relevant parties. Finance Department reimburses carer where appropriate or  arranges payment direct

Service Manager, Corporate Parenting

Team manager, Family Placement Service

Fostering and Alderney Carers payments Officer

Additional Funding Form

Carer's file

Child's file

As soon as request is received


Information to be provided to carers regarding allowances, skills payment and setting up payment details, family allowance



Letter of approval

Carer's file

Foster Carer Agreement

Foster Care handbook

On approval


Foster carer advises Department of payment details, changes to payment details and claims Family Allowance

Foster carer

Carer's file

On approval, at time of change, at time of placement and end of placement


Inform all carers of new fostering allowance rates

Finance Department