Claims for Damage or Loss

The Department currently has an agreement with Clegg Gifford insurance brokers with regard to a foster carer insurance scheme. This scheme allows foster carers the opportunity to take out household insurance which will cover them against malicious or accidental damage caused by children placed with them.

Should carers wish to join this scheme they pay a premium of £50 per child per year that they are registered to care for which is reimbursed to them by the Department.  A standard £50 excess applies which will be met by the Department with a successful claim.


TaskResponsible officerRecordTimescale
Record damage caused by foster child. Inform Fostering and Adoption TeamFoster carerCarer's fileOn first available working day following damage occurring
Consultation with carers own insurance companyFoster carerLetter / phone call from foster carerWithin 24 hours of damage occurring.
Carers to discuss situation with the fostering and adoption team. Appropriate estimates for replacement or repair of broken goods to be obtained as per claims process of insurers Consider whether visit is appropriate.Foster carer and fostering and adoption teamLetter and estimates by foster carer to insurers or fostering and adoption team as appropriateAs per insurance process
Where damage is not covered under insurance scheme then write a brief report regarding the incident/claim and send to fostering and adoption team managerFostering and adoption teamCarers fileWithin 14 days
If damage is not covered under foster carers' insurance scheme then decision made to support or reject claim.Fostering and adoption team manager and Service managerCarers fileWithin 7 days.
Approval of payment.Service managerCarers fileImmediately
Notify carers of decision.Fostering and adoption teamCarers fileWithin 7 days