Looked After Children and Leaving Care

Children who are looked after, or have been formally looked after for an extended period of time by the local authority are amongst the most vulnerable children in the borough. It is our role as social workers to ensure that their life chances are not hampered in any way by the very nature of them having (or having had) the looked after status.

Children can be looked after by the local authority for a variety of reasons, and whilst the aim is that where possible children should remain with family members, some for some children there is unfortunately no other option than to provide accommodation for them.A 'looked after child' is a child who is subject to:

We are the corporate parent For all children in care and those who receive leaving care services, the local authority is the corporate parent.  Whilst ethos is best practice, it also reflects the legal duty on local authority, its members and staff, to ensure that every child and young person in their care has the opportunity to reach their full potential.  This duty places requirements on staff and members at all levels, and the council has an active Corporate Parenting Panel which oversees work undertaken.

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