Managing Challenging Behaviour

As part of the ongoing support for carers, the fostering and adoption team will provide support, guidance and training to all carers to assist them with managing challenging behaviour.
  1. Discussion and consultation between the foster carer, child's social worker and the fostering and adoption team are essential for any behaviour that is difficult or distressing to manage.
  2. No form of corporal or degrading punishment can be used by foster carers and this is included in the foster carers' agreement.
  3. Foster carers will be aware of the permissible sanctions policy prior to any child's placement.
  4. Where it has been recognised that there may be difficult behaviour to manage, a support plan should be drawn up.
  5. This plan should involve the child, the foster carer, birth parents (where appropriate), social worker, fostering and adoption team and any others with parental responsibility (where appropriate).
  6. Where appropriate a referral to CAMHS service can be made for the child by the child's social worker. CAMHS also has an identified worker available for carers to consult for support and advice with regard to managing behaviours.
  7. Managing challenging behaviour can be a very draining experience and appropriate support is available for carers via the fostering and adoption team.
  8. In serious circumstances carers should consider contacting the emergency duty team and/or the police.