Supervision Orders

Supervision orders may be made by the Court where it is considered that a young person needs a period of statutory support and supervision.

The supervision order should be designed to tackle the full range of offender needs associated with the offending (identified by ASSET) over a period of time.They can last for a maximum of three years.

Contact with the young person

Assessment and plan

An intervention plan must be prepared in 15 working days . They must be based on risk factors associated with the offending identified in Asset and set out arrangements to address them.



Where appropriate, consideration should be given to seeking revocation of Supervision Orders, at the half way stage if sufficient progress is being made


TaskResponsible personRecordTimescale
Provide information to young person and family regarding the supervision orderCourt duty officerSupervision Order leafletAt court
Record process data and open intervention screenAdminElectronic RecordsWithin 1 working day of hearing
Ensure any supervision orders are referred to the allocating managerCourt duty officerElectronic RecordsWithin 1 working day of hearing
Allocate orderAllocating managerElectronic Records Referral formsAs appropriate