Therapeutic Assessment

Prior to an out of jurisdiction placement being progressed a referral will be made to the Guernsey CAMHS team and an assessment of the current therapeutic needs of the child or young person will be undertaken. This will identify both current and projected future needs.

The therapeutic needs of any child or young person moving to an out of jurisdiction are of paramount importance and will always be considered when placement finding.Guernsey CAMHS play an important an active role in the care planning and delivery of services to children and young people placed out of jurisdiction.The therapeutic needs of children and young people placed out of jurisdiction will always be raised at both the LAC Review and the Annual Health Assessment.


TasksResponsible OfficerRecordTimescale
Ensure CAMHS are informed of prospective out of jurisdiction placementSocial WorkerComputerPrior to final hearing date in Court.
Request assessment of therapeutic needsSocial WorkerComputerWithin one week of Court approval of Care Plan
CAMHS to undertake assessment of therapeutic input neededClinical PsychologistConsultant PsychiatristComputerWithin one month
CAMHS to feed back findings of assessment to inform Placement FindingLink to family finding/residential placement finding Clinical Psychologist/ Consultant PsychiatristComputerAs soon as possible
To identify and approve who provides service within placementClinical PsychologistSocial WorkerComputerThrough placement finding
To bring request to Complex Needs Panel to include costs and projected costsClinical PsychologistSocial WorkerChild's PlanNext available Complex Needs Panel
To draw contract for services provideContracts ManagerComputerPrior to service commencing
To review service providedReviewing OfficerComplex NeedsComputerWithin agreed review period