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Using these procedures

Welcome to our web based child care procedures. These procedures have been created to enable you to find out what you need to do if you work with children, young people or families to keep children safe from harm or possible abuse.

Getting started

To get started on these online procedures, navigate to the 'Contents' page to see the sections and pages covered by this website.

Using the side navigation and breadcrumb

The menu on the left hand side of each page give you access to the main sections of this site.

Home: Will take you back to the home page.

Contents: Will display a 'tree' menu of all of the available sections/procedure pages, with 'plus' icons next to pages that can be expanded further.

User Guide: The page you are currently viewing.

Search: Our customised Google search function will search a variety of relative websites for the information that you require, all in one area.

Breadcrumbs - leaving a trail of the route you have taken in your current screen, these are the words located just below the search box in the right-hand corner of every page. As well as indicating exactly where you are on the website, these words can be clicked to return to a previous screen thus retracing your path.

Using the search function effectively

At the top right corner of each page, just below the accessibility options, is the 'Search' box. Type in the word/s that you wish to search and hit the 'Enter' key.

Once the search is complete, you will see a screen containing a list of available websites that have been searched using the search term/s provided. This website is the first result in the list, but others such as 'Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)', 'Action for Children', all Government websites and a host of others have been included. Clicking on the green 'plus' icon will expand a websites search results, with the bracketed number next to the title indicating how many results/pages were returned.

All of the linked search results open in a new browser window/tab so that you don't lose your current page location.