Residential placements

Looking for residential provision is a significant step for both the child and the department. It is therefore important that the needs of the child are clearly matched to the placement and that the placement is considered to be able to meet those needs and keep the child safe.

In identifying suitable placements out of jurisdiction the department should consider at least three providers. Consideration should be given to Ofsted reports and how the organisation can meet the identified needs of the child or young person. The best option and best value must be the primary consideration.

Child's needs These should be paramount when identifying suitable provision and consideration must be given to all aspects of the child's care plan.Before any placement the following must take place:


TaskResponsible OfficerRecordTimescale
Contact providers from resources library in LAC TeamSocial Worker / Clinical Psychologist / Educational PsychologistComputerWithin one week of panel approval
Most recent Ofsted Inspection  Reports, and any other supporting documents, are received from the relevant local authority (responsible for placement)Social Worker / Clinical Psychologist / Educational PsychologistComputerWithin one week of request
Consider options availableSocial Worker / ClinicalPsychologist / Educational Psychologist Computer On receipt of information
Arrange visits to placementsSocial Worker / Admin worker / ResidentialSocial Worker / Clinical Psychologist / Educational PsychologistComputerWithin one week
Visit placementsSocial Worker / Clinical Psychologist / Educational PsychologistComputerImmediately
Multi-agency planning meeting to consider most appropriate provisionTeam Manager / Senior PractitionerComputerWithin one week of visits
Case presented to complex needsSocial Worker / ClinicalPsychologist / Educational PsychologistChild's planNext available panel
Introductions commenceSocial Worker/ Clinical Psychologist / Educational PsychologistComputerImmediately

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