Discharge from the Secure Unit

This policy describes the processes to be used when discharging young people from the Secure Unit. This policy and includes principles of care when discharging, process to follow and who to inform.

Young people will be discharged from the Secure Unit at the earliest opportunity taking into account their own safety and that of others.  The discharge will be carried out in a safe and supportive manner.

Underpinning principles

Discharge from residential care whether from an open or secure accommodation must be underpinned with the same principles as an admission.  It is an important part of the young person's experience of care and must be given due concern.

This policy should be used in accordance with related procedures and related policies.In order to ensure the safety of young people discharged from the Secure Unit this policy has three objectives:

Planning for discharge from the Secure Unit will form part of the overall plan for young person.

Planning for discharge must form part of the plan from the point of admission and be in the best interests of the young person.

Staff in the Secure Unit must ensure by following the associated procedure that: