Working with Birth Relatives

Having a child adopted is a significant event for birth parents and they will require specific support around this.

What this support covers:

  1. Advice is given on the adoption process, contact issues, providing information with regard to accessing counselling services and legal advice.
  2. The fostering and adoption team provides support around practical issues, such as everyday coping, accessing appropriate services i.e. mental health, learning disability, community support etc.
  3. Where appropriate the allocated support worker will prepare the birth relative to meet prospective adopted parents, support the birth relative in this meeting and will provide support, advice and in some instances, supervision of a 'wish you well for the future meeting' with a child.
  4. These sessions may include life story work and ascertain the wishes and feelings of the birth relatives.


TaskResponsible officerRecord requiredTimescale
A support meeting will be arranged. The purpose of the meeting is to explain the meaning of adoption to birth relatives, their rights to legal representation and explore their views, including thoughts with regards future contact arrangementsChild's social worker/Fostering and Adoption Social WorkerCase Record and Child's adoption fileAfter the fourth month LAC Review, once a plan is made for adoption and considered appropriate

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