Returning a Child Home

Returning a child home 

Policy Statement

Prior to any return home of a child who has been 'looked after', clear assessment and planning will take place. This will include consideration of the child's view's to ensure that their best interest, safety, welfare and long term stability are addressed as priorities.

When a child has been looked after, whether subject to an order or looked after on a voluntary basis, prior to any plan to return home, a Returning Home meeting needs to take place in order to ratify that decision. This meeting at this time needs to be chaired by the Independent Reviewing Officer.

Policy Status

Guernsey and Alderney Child Protection Guidelines.

The Children (Guernsey and Alderney) Law 2008

 Key Points

TaskResponsible OfficerRecordTimescale
It is identified that it is in a child's best interest to return home.Social WorkerComputer/Through supervision 
Further consideration for a child to return home is agreed.Manager/Service Manager  
Assessment is undertaken ie Viability Assessment, Rehabilitation Assessment, Family and Friends Assessment (nature of assessment will depend on what stage in process and where the child is to move to).Social WorkerComputer/Assessment Completed Within three months from time that Manager/Service Manager have endorsed the consideration

Planning Meeting held to consider: 

  • outcome of the assessment (s)
  • whether further assessment is needed
  • ensure appropriate processes have been followed ie referral to Convenor etc
  • if plan for child to return home is agreed

Social Worker


Service Manager/Independent Reviewing Officer 

Looked After Childrens' Social Work Team Manager 

Computer/Minutes of MeetingWithin two weeks of assessment being completed
Ensure appropriate plans are updated to reflect that the child is to return home ie Child's Plan and/or LAC Pathway Plan and Care Plan

Social Worker


ComputerWithin two weeks of planning meeting being 
When the return home is at the point where the next step will result in the child or young person no longer being 'looked after' ie significant increase in contact or Court/Tribunal date set, the Independent Reviewing Officer will be asked to Chair a Returning Home meeting

Social Worker


Independent Reviewing Officer



Before significant increase in contact

As soon as, Court/Tribunal date is set

Provide relevant assessments (may include Child's Plan) and Care Plan to the Independent Reviewing Officer 

Social Worker


ComputerPrior to 4 working days of Returning Home LAC Review
If rehabilitation is supported, the Independent Reviewing officer  must inform admin of a change of LAC status for the child so that statistic can be maintained accuratelyIndependent Reviewing Officer/AdminComputerSame day

The Independent Reviewing Officer will also ensure that the LAC status on CID is amended.

Independent Reviewing Officer/AdminComputerSame day