Animal abuse, child abuse & domestic violence

Poor impulse control or violent behaviour is often not restricted to children. Other vulnerable children and adults within the home may suffer too, and through understanding these links we may better appreciate the risks children are at.

Animals and children have one thing in common - they're both easy to hurt. Maltreatment of animals in a family can sound a warning bell that children are also at risk. We need to recognise the links.


Children also perpetrate acts of cruelty on animals - understanding and assessing these issues can provide early indications of future behaviours and an opportunity to intervene early.

"When a referral is made to local authority children's social care the name of the RSPCA inspector should not be given to the family unless this has been agreed between the two agencies as essential for evidential reasons. The reason for this is that the RSPCA inspector may need to do repeat visits to the household to monitor an animal's welfare." (London Child Protection Procedures)