Statutory Intervention Plans

Where there is a need for statutory involvement with a young person, the plans should meet the assessed risk and need.


All assessments must consider the needs of the victim and plans will include consideration of restorative processes and Direct or Indirect Reparation.

They will take account of plans made for the young person by other agencies (eg Social Services, Education, Health).

Where the assessment reveals the person represents a serious risk of harm to him/herself or others, plans must be agreed with the Youth Justice Service manager and other key agencies to manage the risk in line with any local procedures.


Intervention plans must be drawn up within 15 working days of the making of the Order or Care Requirement. 

They must be based on risk factors associated with the offending identified in ASSET and set out arrangements to address them. 

The plan should be discussed, agreed and signed by the young person and his/her parent(s)/carer(s).

Intervention Plans should include work on the following key areas:


Where appropriate, consideration should be given to seeking revocation of statutory orders or care requirements, at the half way stage if sufficient progress is being made.

Young people on UK orders

As UK law does not apply within the Bailiwick, any young people subject to UK Orders who move to the Bailiwick, will be offered a service if appropriate through a Voluntary Intervention Plan.