Review of Approval

Foster carer's approval needs to be reviewed annually through a formal review process to ensure that Services for Children and Young People remain satisfied that a fostering household has the capacity to fulfil the fostering task appropriately.

Every foster carer should be reviewed 12 months after their initial registration and then every year with no more than 12 months between each review.All first reviews and any subsequent reviews with a recommendation of:

The review of fostering approval process should:

The fostering and adoption team also complete their own report with regard to the last twelve months. Further reports are:


Reviews should be planned by the fostering and adoption team, ensuring each foster carer is reviewed in line with expectations. Click here for a copy of the annual review .

The annual review (2008) should follow the formats listed above ensuring that all requirements are checked and recorded. Training and development needs should be assessed and recorded to give an analysis of further requirements.   The annual review report and the letter confirming re-approval status will be sent to the foster carer. Copies of all documentation will be placed on the foster carers' file.

The foster carers should receive copies of all written submissions and have the opportunity to contribute their own written comments.  Where there are two registered foster carers in the household both must be reviewed.  All members of the household must be included in the review and consulted.

A review should be held following any significant incident, complaint, change of circumstances or allegation of abuse or neglect or following a period of significant ill health.


TaskResponsible OfficerRecord Timescale
Complete or update key details formFostering and adoption team/adminCarer fileAnnually
Send out annual review forms to necessary peopleFostering and adoption team/adminCarer fileOne month before review is due
Send copy of all returned forms to foster carers with standard letterFostering and adoption team/adminCarer fileAs appropriate
Make date for annual review meetingFostering and adoption teamCarer fileAs appropriate
Hold annual review meetingFostering and adoption teamCarer fileAs appropriate
Write summary of meetingFostering and adoption teamCarer fileWithin 10 working days of meeting
Send two copies of annual review summary to carers and declaration to sign. Carers return one signed copy and the declarationFostering and adoption teamCarer fileWithin 15 working days of meeting
Present summary or full review to panel where appropriate following panel proceduresFostering and adoption teamCarer fileAt next panel meeting
Ratify panel decisionAgency decision maker/adminCarer fileWithin 10 working days of panel
Sign off annual review if appropriateFostering and adoption team managerCarer fileWithin 10 working days
Place signed declaration and signed summary with all other paperwork onto carer filePA Fostering and Adoption TeamCarer fileAs appropriate
Send confirmation letter to carers regarding outcomePA Fostering and Adoption TeamCarer fileWithin 10 working days
Place confirmation letter on carers filePA Fostering and Adoption TeamCarer fileImmediately
Any recommendations arising from review are actioned.Fostering and adoption teamCarer fileAs appropriate