Complaints about conferences

Participants in conferences may have concerns about the way in which a conference has run or the outcome. There are therefore processes to follow should a participant wish to make representations or complain.

Parents and children

If parents or children have complaints about the conference, these should be addressed to the Business Manager for the Islands Child Protection Committee (ICPC) who will inform the Independant Chair of the ICPC.

The decision of the conference stands whilst the complaint is being considered and the outcome of the complaint will be that either the conference is reconvened with a different chair, a review is bought forward or that there is no change and a suitable explanation provided.

If the parents or children have complaints about individual agencies or the provision of services by them, these should be made through the agencies own complaints system.

If the conference is reconvened then the Chair must ensure that those present are briefed about the decisions regarding the complaint.

If the parents or children are not satisfied with the outcome of their complaint, they should be directed to the HSSD Complaints Manager who will advise them of their options.

Complaints should normally be submitted in writing but if the complainant needs support doing this, would like the procedures explained or just wants to discuss the complaint with a member of staff, the complainant may contact the HSSD Complaints Manager directly.

Other professionals

If other professionals have complaints about the conference then these should initially be discussed with the Chair of the conference and their line manager (if necessary).  Should there still be issues outstanding then the professional differences policy should be followed.