Closing Cases

Good quality endings of social work intervention and closing of cases is equally as important as the way in which relationships are built at the beginning of any intervention. If a case is closed in a planned manner then this lays a good base for if there needs to be any involvement in the future.

Cases may be closed in the following circumstances:

Where the child was previously subject to a child protection plan, they must be seen alone and their accommodation visited before closure can be considered.

Where a child has been looked after the case can only be closed when they are no longer looked after and one of the above circumstances are met.  At the point of closure the Reviewing Officer must be notified and an assessment completed of the services that may be required in the future to prevent the child becoming looked after again.


Closing summary


Closing Summary


Brief household details (to include all children and adults in the home):

Description of agreed outcome:

Evidence of outcome being achieved (including dates):

If not achieved, why not:

Reasons for case closure:

If the case is complex the following extra information will be required.

Family composition (building on above information):

Period covered by closure summary:

Frequency of contact:

Reasons for involvement:

How the family responded:

Other agencies remaining involved:

Suggested work plan if case re-referred:


Case records should be audited prior to closure by the supervisor and the closing summary signed and dated by both the caseworker and their supervisor.


TaskResponsible OfficerRecord requiredTimescale
Discuss the case and agree if closure can take place.Social worker and supervisor.ComputerOn file within 15 working days
Present the case for closure to the team manager or supervisor.Social worker and supervisor.Computer20 working days
If agreed the closing summary will be authorised and dated and the file audited.Social worker and supervisor.ComputerOn file prior to closure
Admin support will archive the case files as required following the file retention policy.Admin supportComputerAccording to file retention policy