Procedures in Dealing with Accidents, GP Visits and Illnesses

Whilst we aim for children to be fit and healthy, there are times when they become ill or have accidents. This page sets out information about what is expected.

A foster carer/prospective adopter should access the GP for a Looked After Child as and when required, notify and update the child's social worker at their earliest convenience.

If an emergency arises, for example, if a child or young person placed has an accident and requires urgent attention, the foster carer/prospective adopter should seek medical assistance immediately. Subsequently, the carer must contact the child's social worker or on call duty social worker.

Foster carers / prospective adopters should have basic first aid kits available to deal promptly with minor injuries.

The Family Placement Service run a regular training programme which includes basic first aid courses. If a Looked After Child has particular health or developmental needs, the child's social worker should be ensuring that the carer(s) can access medical advice.

Safe storage of medication is essential, ideally in a locked cabinet, out of sight and reach of children.

Carers must have guidance on the administration of prescribed drugs for children and advice on the arrangements by which they can administer drugs not on prescription.