Reception into Care Medical, Health Plan and Health Review

Looked After Children are required to have a Reception into Care Medical undertaken by their GP and Health Visitor or School Nurse, with this being followed up by regular reviews (the frequency of review being determined by the child's age.

Looked After Children are required to have a Reception into Care Medical undertaken by their GP and Health Visitor or School Nurse. The allocated social worker will give the foster carers the Reception Into Care by GP Medical Form and a double appointment should be made with the child's GP. This should be commenced within 10 working days of the start of the placement and the completed form should be returned to Health Visitor (Children in Care) at Lukis House. The Health Visitor or the School Nurse will make an appointment to meet with the child and carer for completion of the Health Action Plan.

The Health Visitor (Children in Care) will complete the Blue Health Record Book with information received from the GP and Health Visitor or School Nurse. This will be forwarded to the allocated social worker who will distribute it to the foster carer along with a copy of the Health Action Plan which will detail any actions required in relation to health. The purpose of the blue book is to record all health appointments the child has attended and can be completed by either the health professional or the foster carer.  The blue book should remain with the child in the event that they change foster placements; however they should be returned to the Health Visitor (Children in Care) if the child is returned to the care of their family or following adoption as it remains the property of the HSSD.

Children under the age of 5 years will have a health review undertaken by the Health Visitor or School Nurse every six months and those over the age of five will have one completed annually. The blue book should be updated at these appointments and should be taken to each Looked After Child Care Review.

A child placed in foster carer must have a Reception Into Care Medical. The request for the medical examination will be activated by the child's social worker. 'Looked after' children are examined by their GP.

Every Looked after Child is subject to an annual healthcare plan and comprehensive health assessment. These forms should have been completed when the child first became looked after and should already be in a child's file.Young People's views on undertaking a medical are taken into consideration. In situations where young people refuse to have a medical every encouragement is given for them to participate.