Unauthorised Absence from the Secure Unit

The safety of young people of primary importance. Their safety may be at risk by their absence from the unit therefore staff must take all reasonable steps to ensure young people are found and returned to the unit as quickly as possible.


Whilst it is acknowledged that absences from the Secure Unit are rare this policy will outline the processes to be followed in the event of an absence that will support a positive return to the unit for the young person.

It is acknowledged that young people deal with their time in secure care in different ways.  Their reasons for unauthorised absences will be individual and must be treated with sensitivity, feelings of fear or anger can be powerful motivators to behaviour and assumptions will not be made about the young person or their motives for absence.


If it is suspected that a young person has left the unit a quick search of the unit and grounds will be carried out before the policy is enacted in full.In the event of a young person leaving the Secure Unit without authority the following steps will be taken: