Management of Foster Carers

The Department is committed to providing effective supervision, support, ongoing training and development to foster carers, who can then offer the range of skills required to meet the varying needs of looked after children.

Support, supervision and training

Foster carers should receive regular supervision visits from the fostering and adoption team at a minimum of once every six weeks.  Foster carers will be allocated their own fostering and adoption team worker.  The fostering and adoption team should plan most visits in advance, notifying the carer.  However, there should be unannounced visits.  This number may alter if circumstances dictate but shall never go below the agreed minimum of once per year.

All contact with carers, social workers and anybody else involved with the child should be recorded on the carers contact record and a foster carer supervision record should be completed on each visit and signed off by carers and supervising social worker.In addition to the pre-approval training it is essential that carers participate in ongoing post approval training and development.  Carers will be required to undertake mandatory training to maintain their registration.

Carer's training and development needs should be identified within six weeks of approval and reviewed as part of the annual review.  Carers are encouraged to request training that they feel would assist them with caring for foster children.

The following support is available to foster carers:

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