Support for Birth Parents when Adoption is the Plan for their Child

Having a child placed for adoption is a significant event for any birth parent and there is a need to provide them with support, not only now but also in the long term.
TaskResponsible officerRecord RequiredTimescaleSupport for Birth parents
Decision to pursue adoption for a child once birth relatives have been discountedTeam manager / Social WorkerCase record Care PlanFor consideration by the 4th month review.
Looked After Child Review to endorse the plan for permanenceIndependent reviewing OfficerMinutes of Looked After Child review & previous relevant minutesFor consideration by the 4th month review.Reviewing Officer/Family Placement Service  Social Worker to notify support for birth parents worker (Senior Social Work Practitioner within Quality Assurance).
Permanency Planning Meeting to be held and Legal Advice to be sought from the Departmental lawyer if requiredChild's Social WorkerLooked After Child documentation on case fileFor consideration by the 4th month review
Decision made for permanence. birth parents notified orally within 24 hours. Provide information with regard to available support to birth parents. Ascertain birth parents wishes and feelings. Offer to meet with birth parents to provide information regarding adoption & advice of their right to seek legal adviceChild's Social Worker & Family Placement ServiceCase recordingAdoption planning meeting minutes.Birth parent counselling report Notify orally at 4 month reviewCounselling options to be discussed soon afterMeeting with birth parents undertaken by Family Placement Service Social Worker.Family Placement Service Social Worker to provide birth parents with information about the support service. Ask birth parents if they would like to be referred to the service or would like to self refer.Leaflet given to explain details of support available to birth parents. 
Quality assured & signed Child Permanence Report prepared.Child Permanence Report sent to Family Placement ServiceChild's Social WorkerChild's Social WorkerCPRWithin 8 weeks of LAC reviewReport provided within two weeks
Child matched with adoptive carers or Community Parenting Order made and child is already placed with prospective adopters.Child's Social Worker / Family Placement service Social Worker
Adoption Order MadeFamily Placement Service to notify the Support for Birth families Service.Support to Birth Families Service write to Birth Parents to offer appointment.Up to six appointments can be provided from Support to Birth Families Service.  (This can be spread over a two year period.)