Being Looked After Guide

To ensure that children and young people who are looked after in Guernsey and Alderney understand their rights and what it means to be looked after.

Policy Status


Practice is based on and informed by best practice guidance from the United Kingdom jurisdictions including


Key Points





o        The names of the carers

o        Where they live

o        Whether they have other children

o        What sort of place they live in

o        Whether they have animals





Responsible officer

Record required

Performance standard


At the point of identifying the placement, the child/young person (and parent where appropriate) should be provided with a copy of the Carer Profile/Welcome Book

Child's Social Worker(CSW)

Child's file

Prior to placement


The worker should ensure the child understands the information and should answer as many questions as possible


Child's file

Prior to placement


In the case of planned placement, change of placement and respite placement, introductory visits should be arranged.


 Supervising Social Worker(SSW)

Child's file

Contact record

Pre placement


A copy of the Being Looked After Guide should be given to the child/young person when placed with carer.


Child's file

On placement


There should be agreement about whether Child's Social Worker or foster carer will make sure the child understands the content

CSW or foster carer

Child's file

On placement


.A Welcome box will be provided for the child containing a copy of the Carer Profile and Being Looked After Guide and child friendly material

Family Placement Service

Foster carer

Contact record

At point of placement or in emergency placements as soon as possible after placement