Children's Convenor

The Children's Convenor is the gatekeeper to the Child Youth Community Tribunal (the tribunal). Referrals can to be made to the Children's Convenor when it is thought that the child may be in need of compulsory intervention. The Children's Convenor will investigate the case and decide whether to refer on to the tribunal.

The Children's Convenor will refer to the Child Youth Community Tribunal when she is satisfied that compulsory intervention is necessary to ensure that the child receives sufficient care, protection guidance or control.

In relation to child protection, a referral will be made to the Children's Convenor when a parent is not complying with the specific parts of the child protection plan that prevent serious harm happening to their child. The recommendation to make this referral can be made at a child protection conference or following recommendation from the Health and Social Care Services, Children and Family Community Services, Early Help, Assessment and Youth Justice, Service Manager.

A referral to the Children's Convenor can be made at the same time as applying to the Court for an Order, this is likely to be appropriate when an application is made for anEmergency Child Protection Order

Permanent Arrangements

The Tribunal does not have the power to make any requirement that would provide permanent arrangements for a child's care this is necessary when it is clear that the child's family will be unable or unwilling to look after the child in the long term.To achieve this an application needs to be made to the court for a Community Parenting Order, Children (Guernsey and Alderney) Law, 2008 (section 48-54).  This is an order made by the Court (and not the Child Youth and Community Tribunal) and an application can only be made by CHSC (and not the Children's Convenor).