This section sets out the purpose of the adoption service and the procedures for the service including recruiting, approving and supporting prospective adopters and the placement of children for adoption.

We believe that all children and young people have the right to be healthy, happy, and safe; to be loved, valued and respected; and to have high aspirations for their future

.We wish all children to have secure relationships with family, and friends, be eager, excited, curious and engaged in learning, have self confidence, be able to co-operate and communicate socially and have the best possible health and development.

The adoption service aims to identify sufficient adoptive families for children whose care plan is adoption ensuring that individual identified needs of children are met. We work closely with neighbouring authorities and with the National Adoption Register.

We aim to:

Every child is entitled to a permanent family throughout their childhood, which should meet all their physical, social and emotional needs and promote a supportive lifelong relationship.

Applications are welcomes from all individuals and families from all parts of the community. Basic requirements are that applicants are:

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