Exposure to the risks associated with smoking and passive smoking must be minimised for children in care.


  1. The fostering and adoption team will not recruit carers for children under the age of five where there is a smoker in the home.
  2. No carer should smoke around children or permit others to do so.
  3. Foster carers should keep their homes and cars smoke free.
  4. Young people will be discouraged from smoking and will not be allowed to smoke in the carer's home.
  5. Carers should not provide young people with cigarettes.
  6. Carers should act as role models with regard to discouraging smoking.
  7. Where a carer wishes to give up smoking the fostering and adoption team will actively encourage and support the individual and direct them to an appropriate source of help.

The issue of smoking and its impact will be addressed within the foster carer's initial assessment and at every review.