Bail Supervision

Any young person up to the age of 17 who is remanded or committed on bail whilst awaiting trial or sentence should receive support from the Youth Justice Service.

The aims of bail support and supervision are to:

Providing appropriate support

The bail support and supervision scheme must establish mechanisms to ensure they are aware of and are able to deal with any young people appearing at youth courts, adult magistrates court


ASSET should be used to assist in the assessment of the particular needs of the young person, with particular consideration of the following:


There should be an appropriate reporting and data collection mechanism in place.The Youth Justice Manager should endeavour to compile annual data showing the use of bail supervision compared to other bail options and to custodial and secure remands in their area.They must monitor the effectiveness of the service in meeting the aims of the scheme.


TaskResponsible personRecordTimescale
YJS to be advised of any young people have been detained overnight for courtPolice/CustomsN/AAs appropriate
Check whether the young person is known to YJS and to seek information regarding the allegationCourt duty officerElectronic RecordsImmediately
Interview the young person to conduct a bail ASSETCourt duty officerBail ASSET/ Electronic RecordsPrior to Court appearance
Liaise with other agencies, family, accommodation providers as appropriateCourt duty officerElectronic RecordsImmediately
Verify information gatheredCourt duty officerElectronic RecordsImmediately
Liaise with Prosecution to discuss objections to bail and reasonsCourt duty officerElectronic RecordsImmediately
Identify appropriate programme for bail supervision according to risk and needCourt duty officerAsset/intervention programmeImmediately
Seek agreement with Prosecution where possible for supervised bailCourt duty officer Electronic RecordsImmediately
Parent/guardian/carer to help support conditions of bail  For bail period
YJS to support parent/carer/guardian in enforcing conditions of bailYJS Officer For bail period
YJS to reinforce conditions of bail to young person for them to keep to themYJS Officer For bail period
If bail is refused determine most appropriate remand status e.g. into the care of HSSD;Into the care of HSSD in secure accommodation;Remand to Les NicollesCourt duty officerASSETImmediately
If secure remand complete appropriate referral formsCourt duty officer ACCTImmediately
If Remand In Custody, complete see separate remand in custody procedureCourt duty officerACCT if prisonImmediately
Provide information to secure facility and liaise with court securityCourt duty officerASSETImmediately