Provision and Preparation of Meals

Children in foster care should be provided with adequate quantities of suitably prepared food, having regard to their needs and wishes, and have age appropriate opportunity to shop for and prepare their own food.

Children are to be consulted and to have the opportunity to be actively involved in the preparation of meals. This does not mean that a menu should be provided for each meal but that the young person has generally had a choice in the types of food available.

Children should be provided with a range of food they enjoy and is culturally appropriate to their needs.  Dietary requirements are worked out prior to placement and all relevant information given to foster carers or residential social workers.  Any food allergy a child has is clearly recorded within the placement plan part 2 and discussed with carers upon placing the child.

Children should have the opportunity to eat their meals together with carers and other children either in a family placement. They should be encouraged to regard these meals as a positive social event.

Consideration should be given as to whether children and young people should have opportunities to share meals with their families during contact .

Children and young people should have the opportunities to eat out at restaurants.