Termination of Approval

The Department will ensure the delivery of a high quality service to children and young people in its care by removing from the register of foster carers any carers who are not able to provide an acceptable quality of care.

Every foster carer should be reviewed 12 months after their initial registration and then every year with no more than 12 months between each review.All first reviews and any subsequent reviews with a recommendation of:



TaskResponsible officerRecordTimescale
Foster carer is made aware of concerns about the standard or their care and a support plan is drawn up if appropriate in consultation with fostering and adoption team manager.  Decisions made with regards to any children in placement.Fostering and adoption team child's social worker and managers.Carer fileAs soon as possible
If concerns are of a child protection nature then follow the child protection procedures.Fostering and adoption team manager, child's social workerCarer fileAs appropriate
If standards do not improve and decision made to seek termination of approval, review report is completed and shared with carers.Fostering and adoption teamReview reportsAs per panel procedures
Panel meeting held, following panel proceduresPanel chairMinutesAs per panel procedure
Carers are informed in writing of panel recommendation and given 28 days (from date of letter) to appealFostering and adoption team/adminCarer file and letterWithin 3 working days.
If no appeal received, papers are passed to agency decision maker for final decisionAdminN/A28 days after notice given
Carers name is removed from the foster carer registerFostering and adoption teamN/ASame day as decision made