Risk to staff

Some of the people we work with pose a level of risk to themselves and others. We sometimes minimise the risks if working with a family for a period of time, but need strategies to ensure staff and those around them are safe at work and that young people and families get the support they need.

In order to ensure that staff are safe, there are a number of processes in place that should be adhered to at all times.

Home visits

Before completing a home visit the worker must complete the risk assessment for home visits and get it signed by a manager.

Checking the case file

Where a practitioner who is not the case manager is seeing the young person they must check the young person's file for alerts about risk before meeting the young person.

Sharing of information

If any service has information, either historical or current, that suggests that the young person may present a risk of harm to staff, this must be shared as soon as it is known.

Where there is thought to be a risk of harm to staff