Complex needs panel

Any request for an ongoing out of jurisdiction service to be provided has to be presented before a multi-disciplinary complex needs panel prior to the placement finding commencing to approve the plan and thereafter to approve the plan.

The overall aim of the Complex Needs Panel is to provide for children and young people and their families, where it is not possible to meet their needs on island, access to out of jurisdiction placements that:



TaskResponsible officerRecordTimescale
Report prepared for complex needs panel (including costs) with consideration of independent advocacy for young people with complex needs and communication difficulties placed out of jurisdictionSocial workerChild's plan to replace interagency summaryNine days before panel
Approval (or not) given for placements to be visitedComplex needs panelMinutes of panelAt complex needs panel
Placements visitedSocial worker / Educational psychologist Clinical psychologist / Fostering & adoption social workerComputerPrior to next panel
Case returned to panel for consideration of out of jurisdiction placementSocial workerChild's planNine days before panel
If placement costs in excess of £250,000 director to be advised to advise CMT / boardDesignated senior managerMinutes/emailImmediately
Approval given to progress out of jurisdiction placementComplex needs panelMinutes of panelAt complex needs panel
Placement progressedSocial worker / Educational psychologistClinical psychologist / Fostering and adoption social workerComputerAs agreed at complex needs panel