Staff Supervision (Secure Accommodation)

Staff working in secure accommodation will be appropriately supervised to enable the safeguarding of young people and promotion of their welfare.


The purpose of supervision is to ensure that young  people are looked after by staff who are themselves supported and guided in safeguarding and promoting welfare.

Key Points

All supervision will be governed by a contract signed by both the supervisor and supervisee.  This contract will be renewed yearly or at a change of supervisor.

All staff will receive a formal supervision session weekly of 1 hour 30 minutes, on a one-to-one basis, as agreed in the initial written contract.  If at any time the supervisor or the supervisee wish for another person to enter into the supervision session, then the other party should be notified prior to this meeting.  New employees must receive supervision every two weeks during the initial six months of employment.The arranged supervision sessions should:

Recording and Access

The records will be stored in the office in a locked cabinet.  The Manager, Supervisor and the Human Resources Department will have access to these records. All supervision records are confidential unless a disciplinary or  child protection issue arises. In such circumstances Senior Management will be given access.  The Supervisee will be informed if access is required.