Links with Guernsey

When a child is in an out of jurisdiction placement, the Department would support and promote the maintenance of a young person's cultural identity by facilitating and encouraging links with Guernsey.

When children and young people are placed out of the jurisdiction of Guernsey it is important to maintain direct and indirect links with Guernsey as detailed in the Child's Plan.The Department will provide funding to facilitate the maintenance of these links.The Department will write to Housing Control and inform them when a young person is placed out of jurisdiction and their rights to Residency may be affected by not being a permanent resident in Guernsey.

The Department will support and advocate for all children placed out of the jurisdiction by the Department to ensure that they are able to return to Guernsey, if they choose, to as adults.



Responsible Officer



Links with Guernsey to be maintained through direct or indirect contact

Social Worker



Liaise with and write to Housing Control where necessary

Social Worker

Team Manager



Prior to placement and/or as required