Health and Safety

It is important that all children, young people and adults working with the Department remain safe from a number of risks, and the Department will ensure that positive steps are taken to keep children safe from risk of fire, illness and other hazards within the foster carer's home, garden and outbuildings.
  1. A health and safety checklist will be completed on every applicant and registered foster carer at the time of assessment and on an annual basis.  Any risks identified within this check will be given a timescale for action to be taken.
  2. Foster carers who do not follow the recommendations of the health and safety assessment may not be approved or may be de-registered.
  3. It is the responsibility of the foster carer to repair any damage to the environment such as broken gates, poorly fitted sockets, torn carpets or any danger in the foster carer's vehicle unless the damage is as the result of the foster child.  In which case the carer must make the environment safe immediately and then follow the Department's insurance claims policy.