Independent Reviewing Officer

The Independent Reviewing Officer's primary focus is to quality assure the care planning and review process for each child and to ensure that their current wishes and feelings are given full consideration.



Children and Family Community Services

Reviewing Officers:

Anne-Marie Grinsell (on-island)

Jackie Edwards (off-island)


 New Admissions 

For every child who becomes Looked After the following will apply.

1.      The Social Worker who admits the child into the Department's care mustensure that all required paperwork is completed by      the next  working day after admission by sending the following information to the Office Manager  so that an accurate LAC record can be entered on the Department's database.



2.      Allocated Social Worker to E Mail the Reviewing Officer  within 5 working days of the child becoming Looked After to set the first Review date which must be within 1 month of the admission.

A date must be set even if it is anticipated that the child may return home / be discharged within the 1 month timescale and therefore not require a Review.


Procedure for convening Reviews for children already Looked After .


E Mail Database.

The Office Manager or delegated administration  support will ensure that an up to date / accurate list is kept in the Review Diary and / or electronically of all E Mail addresses of professional agencies / contacts who are invited to Reviews .

The Out of Jurisdiction Reviewing Officer will ensure that there is an accurate list of E Mail contacts for all Out of Jurisdiction placements.