Voluntary Intervention Plans

Voluntary intervention plans help to ensure that early intervention occurs on a voluntary basis, when referred by the Convenor, (or other agencies where appropriate) to minimise the risk of offending


Youth Justice Service must undertake an assessment of the young person within 10 working days of referral.  The assessment must be based on ASSET and should include a home visit where possible.

All assessments must consider the needs of the victim and plans will include consideration of restorative processes and Direct or Indirect Reparation.

The assessment must be concluded and the Voluntary Intervention Plan produced within 5 working days.

Any decision to discontinue the assessment as a result of non-compliance must only be taken after two failed appointments. The assessment should inform any intervention programme and the intensity should be aligned to the risk of re-offending.

Where the assessment reveals the person represents a serious risk of harm to him/herself or others, plans must be agreed with the Youth Justice Service manager and other key agencies to manage the risk in line with any local procedures.


They will take account of plans made for the young person by other agencies (eg Social Services, Education, Health).

Intervention will be proportionate and based upon the needs identified through the assessment.

All VIPs should, where appropriate, be given in the presence of parent/carer/guardian.  The plan should be discussed, agreed and signed by the young person and his/her parent(s)/carer(s).

The case must be closed when reasonable attempts have been made to get the young person to complete the programme. The case should record the outcome.

A final ASSET should be completed when an intervention programme is concluded.


Information about the outcome of the Intervention Plan should be made available to the Tribunal or Court where the young person re-offends.




 TaskResponsible personRecordTimescale
Receive notification from the police regarding arrest and status of young person.YJS officerElectronic RecordsWithin 24 hours of Offence
Pass notification to admin.YJS officerElectronic RecordsWithin 24 hours
Input notification information.Administrator/information officerElectronic RecordsWithin 24 hours
Open an intervention screen where a final warning is indicated (this constitutes the date of referral).Administrator/information officerElectronic RecordsWithin 24 hours
YJS receives the referral - is it an appropriate case?YJSElectronic RecordsWithin 3 days
Complete an ASSET assessment.YJSElectronic RecordsWithin 10 days of referral
If young person has committed a sexual offence ensure a strategy meeting has taken place during assessment process.YJS / IAT / PoliceElectronic RecordsN/A
Begin to work on an intervention planYJSElectronic RecordsWithin 15 daysof referral
Case manage interventions to include appropriate referrals to other agencies.YJS OfficerElectronic Records 
Where programme consists of more than one contact update ASSET at end of programmeYJS OfficerElectronic Records